5 things that must happen at WWE Day 1

WWE has booked several big championship matches for the show along with a few grudge contests. Edge and Miz will compete in one of the biggest non-title matches of the night. The two men have built their storyline well on RAW.

Meanwhile, Big E will defend his WWE Championship in a Fatal 4-Way match at Day 1. Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan will have a rematch for the RAW Women’s Championship at the show.

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will once again meet for the Universal Championship on Saturday night. It will likely be the biggest match of Day 1.

The creative team has done a good job in building many of the matches set for the first premium event of 2022. Take a look at the five things that must happen at WWE Day 1.

#5. Edge vs The Miz must lead to a bigger match after WWE Day 1

Edge and The Miz will compete in a grudge match at WWE Day 1, in what could be a surprising showdown.

It looks like WWE will aim higher with the rivalry, as it doesn’t seem to have reached its boiling point yet. Keeping in mind that both men are active legends in the company, WWE could use this match to book an even better contest for later.

At Day 1, the powers that be must allow Miz and Edge to have an epic contest. Maryse should get involved and either help her husband win or cause a disqualification.

Beth Phoenix must return to even the odds and help her husband take down Miz and Maryse at Day 1. The angle will help WWE build towards the return of Maryse and Phoenix to in-ring competition.

WWE cold then book a mixed tag team match between the two couples for WWE Royal Rumble. That would allow Edge to remain out of the Rumble match and compete in a separate contest at the pay-per-view.

Meanwhile, the return of Phoenix to the ring could help WWE hype several dream matches between her and some of the current top superstars. It would be great to see Becky Lynch and Beth Phoenix go head to head at WWE WrestleMania.

#4. The New Day must become the SmackDown Tag Team Champions at WWE Day 1

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The Usos will face Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston for the SmackDown tag team titles at Day 1. The Usos have held the belts for well over 160 days.

Jimmy and Jey haven’t had the most memorable reign with the titles around their waist. However, their work with Roman Reigns in The Bloodline has kept them on top of WWE SmackDown.

With that in mind, WWE must allow New Day to overcome the heels at Day 1 and win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. New Day has gone without any championships for some time, and a win will help them push forward on SmackDown.

Meanwhile, The Usos will get in further trouble with Reigns if they lose their titles at Day 1. Their constant failure has irked The Tribal Chief on a few occasions. It could lead to The Bloodline breaking up soon after.

#3. Big E must retain his title at WWE Day 1

WWE Day 1 will see Big E defend his WWE Championship against three top RAW Superstars.

Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley will challenge Big E in a Triple Threat Match, and it will likely be the most explosive contest of the night.

WWE has done well to rebuild Lashley quickly after he lost his championship and suffered a loss to Goldberg. Meanwhile, Rollins has remained out of the title picture for a long time, and it’s good to see him back in it.

Owens will be the dark horse in the contest. He recently re-signed with WWE and could end up winning the title at Day 1. However, the promotion must not crown a new titleholder on Saturday.

Big E must retain his title at the event against the three RAW Superstars.

The win will help him remain one of the top stars in WWE, and possibly build towards a big match at WrestleMania.

#2. Liv Morgan must suffer another setback at WWE Day 1

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RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will defend her title against Liv Morgan at WWE Day 1. Lynch won the title immediately upon her return at SummerSlam 2021. She’s turned full heel and continues to use illegal tactics to pick up big wins.

Meanwhile, Liv Morgan’s rise on RAW has been solid. She has the backing of her fans and has continued to show that she’s capable of carrying the RAW women’s roster going forward.

While many believe it’s still too early for Liv to win a top title in WWE, but it’s a matter of debate whether she’s ready or not. However, the promotion must hold back the young star for a little longer before giving her the final push.

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At Day 1, Liv must fail to win the title from Becky Lynch once again. Big Time Becks should cheat her way to another win, so that Liv remains in the title picture. WWE can build a top storyline where Liv goes on to win the Royal Rumble and challenge Lynch one more time.

A big match at WrestleMania could be the perfect place for Liv Morgan to finally win her first major title in WWE.

#1. Roman Reigns must walk out of WWE Day 1 as the Universal Champion

Roman Reigns will walk into WWE Day 1 as the reigning Universal Champion. The Tribal Chief overcame several big names in 2021, including Daniel Bryan, Edge, Finn Balor, and John Cena.

Brock Lesnar has tried to take the title from Reigns to close out the year, but has failed thus far. 2022 will provide him with another opportunity to become the Universal Champion.

Reigns will be without Paul Heyman – who he recently fired – by his side on Saturday night. That could prove to be a slight disadvantage for The Head of the Table.

WWE must ensure that the two heavyweights put on a memorable match to kick off the year. Roman Reigns must be allowed to once again use his heelish tactics to win the match and walk out of Day 1 as the Universal Champion.

The angle will cement Reigns as the top man in the industry. It will also give him a chance to build some bigger storylines heading into WrestleMania.

Lesnar could end up entering the Royal Rumble match and win it to challenge Reigns for the title once again.

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