An ace in the hole” – Edge reacts to WWE Hall of Famer’s return at WWE Day 1

During Edge’s match against The Miz last night at WWE Day 1, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix made her return and helped the Rated R Superstar pick up a big win. Following The Glamazon’s return Edge had a number of positive things to say about her and even subtly hinted at a possible match between Beth Phoenix and Maryse.

Last night, The Miz almost managed to pull off a victory against the Ultimate Opportunist following constant interference from Maryse but that problem was dealt with by the returning Beth Phoenix. The former Women’s Champion made sure that the contest was a fair one by equalizing Maryse’s attempts.

After the match, Edge and Beth Phoenix were interviewed and here’s what the former WWE Champion had to say about the shocking return:

“Yeah, I got an ace in the hole. Some might call her an enforcer. I have someone that Maryse does not want to deal with: The Glamazon Beth Phoenix, who just happens to be my wife. I gotta say, we’re a pretty badass couple. I don’t think Mike and Maryse want any piece of this. So hopefully they just tuck the tail and go back to Hollywood.”, said Edge

What is next for Edge in WWE?

There are a number of routes Edge can take following his win over The Miz. With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, the Rated R Superstar might be looking to outlast 29 other men and become the third wrestler in history to get back-to-back Rumble wins. However, with the events that transpired last night, it is possible that his feud with The Miz will go on for a bit longer, with a new wrinkle to it.

We might see Beth Phoenix make her return to the squared circle soon and compete for the first time in almost two years. Her latest in-ring venture saw her make a surprise entry into the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble. However, with the way the current Edge vs The Miz feud is shaping up, it is possible that Phoenix and Maryse will be added to the mix.

Edge and Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz and Maryse could be a big match as two of the biggest couples in WWE history go head to head in what could be the culmination of this feud.

What do you think is next for Edge in WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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