Ric Flair hits back at Becky Lynch in latest feud; mocks the WWE star’s backstage photo

Ric Flair has continued his real-life feud with Becky Lynch with a personal attack on the WWE RAW star. The Nature Boy mocked Lynch’s backstage photo with hip hop trio Migos, who were at the Day 1 pay-per-view.

The duo’s ongoing feud began when Lynch used ‘The Man’ moniker, which Flair believes she copied from him. The two have taken potshots at each other on social media and interviews including during Lynch’s feud with Flair’s daughter, Charlotte.

In what seemed like a response to Becky Lynch’s post with Migos, where she posted a photo with the group with the caption “Big Time Drip,” Flair has said that the RAW star has no “drip” and that she’s far behind him:

“The Mood Is Night & Day! One’s Real & One’s Make Believe! She’s Big Time, But There’s No Drip, And There Never Will Be! And I Thought She Was THE MAN, But I Guess Not Because They Don’t Own It! HA! When Are You Going To Give Up@BeckyLynchWWE? You’re So Far Behind! WOOOOO!” tweeted Flair


His post included a screengrab of him featuring in the “Ric Flair Drip” video, which included one member of Migos, Offset.

Ric Flair has attacked WWE Superstar Becky Lynch a few times in recent months

The Hall of Famer has time and again mocked Lynch for using ‘The Man’ moniker, stating that she didn’t own the rights to it. He even accused her of stealing it from him recently.

“Who has stolen from me the most? Like The Man (Becky Lynch)? (laughs),” said Flair.

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