Where has WWE RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss been?

The last time we saw Alexa Bliss on WWE programming was at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on September 26, 2021. It has now been announced that ”Alexa Bliss’ Journey back to RAW” will take place next week.

Bliss faced Charlotte Flair with the RAW Women’s Championship on the line, but was unsuccessful in her quest to capture the title. In the end, Charlotte tore up Alexa’s doll, Lilly, and sent her into a crying state.

The two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion has been portraying a dark demonic supernatural character for the last year. She aligned with The Fiend, who took her under his wing. Bray Wyatt has since been released from WWE.

So where has WWE RAW superstar Alexa Bliss been?

Alexa Bliss reportedly took time off following the Extreme Rules pay-per-view to undergo sinus surgery. She also noted on Twitter in November 2021 that she needed “time to heal” when asked about her pending return.

Alexa’s pet pig Larry-Steve passed away in May 2021, which could indicate she needed time to heal mentally, as well as physically.

Adopting the demonic ral character, Alexa Bliss had to further her acting each week on WWE programming.

She has discussed in the past that she has been working with an acting coach, which in turn of course will continue to help her in WWE:

“WWE will always be home, that’s always where I’ll be, but I’d love to see what happens if I try to go for acting. I’ve been working with an acting coach for the last ten months. Everything that I’m doing right now, character base wise, is a lot of acting and it’s a lot of fun. But I would love to try that one day, if the cards allow, that would definitely be a passion of mine, but, for now, WWE is home.” (h/t No DQ)

Will Alexa Bliss return with her supernatural gimmick?

There has been speculation that she will be returning without her demonic character and moving on from that phase of her career. As it stands, it is unclear whether Alexa Bliss will return with her supernatural gimmick.

Bliss tweeted out a GIF in October 2021, that showed the transformation of her character over the years. This has led to much speculation that she will be returning with a new gimmick.

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