Photo: Alexa Bliss shows off new piercings ahead of WWE return

Alexa Bliss recently posted a couple of videos on Instagram, showing off her new piercings.

Bliss has been on a WWE hiatus for a while now. Her last WWE match was a losing effort against Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules 2021 in September. The former Women’s Champion is set to make her much-anticipated return to RAW on next week’s episode.

Earlier tonight, Alexa Bliss took to her Instagram Story section to reveal a bunch of new ear piercings. You can check out both videos on Bliss’ Instagram handle HERE. A screengrab of Bliss’ post is attached below:

Alexa Bliss' new ear piercings
Alexa Bliss’ new ear piercings

Alexa Bliss is seemingly returning as her deranged self

Judging by the tweets posted by WWE and Alexa Bliss herself, it looks like the former Women’s Champion will be donning her current disturbed persona when she returns. The post, which was shared promoting Bliss’ return, features a still from her Extreme Rules appearance.

After defeating Alexa Bliss to retain the RAW Women’s Title, Charlotte Flair ripped Lilly to shreds. A distraught Bliss cried her heart out while holding the remains of the doll.


Ever since Alexa Bliss took a hiatus, fans have been speculating about her return. Many have been clamoring for Bliss to ditch the disturbed character and go back to being “The Goddess.” Bliss posted a tease a short while ago, hinting that she was going to bring back her old persona.

Alexa Bliss’ run as The Fiend’s lackey received a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe. Bliss was pretty excited about her role as The Fiend’s sidekick, when she was offered the same:

“I love anything that is different and out-of-the-box. I love being able to evolve and change the character and spike people’s interest. I think that is what we’ve been doing with The Fiend. Everyone knows I love promos and to be able have a microphone and portray a character. It’s my favorite thing to do, so the fact I was able to try something new I’m having a lot of fun and excited to see where it goes,” said Bliss.

After Bray Wyatt’s WWE release, Bliss kept appearing on TV as a dark version of herself. Although many fans had grown tired of the character, Bliss did quite well on WWE Shop.

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