Photo: Alexa Bliss makes major change to her hair after RAW return

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has revealed a new look with pink hair on her latest Instagram story.

The former women’s champion made her long-awaited return on last night’s WWE RAW. She was still donning the sinister persona and attended a therapy session.

Shortly after, Bliss put up a story on her official Instagram handle in which she can be seen sporting pink hair. Head over to Bliss’ story to see her new look. You can also check out the screengrab of her story below:

Alexa Bliss with a new look with a complete set of pink hair
Alexa Bliss with a new look with a complete set of pink hair

Alexa Bliss loves to experiment with new looks

Alexa Bliss occasionally likes to try out new looks and has changed up her look several times in the past. She posted a video of her new ear piercings not too long ago.

Alexa Bliss has returned from a months-long hiatus. She last wrestled at WWE Extreme Rules 2021 in a losing effort against Charlotte Flair, thus failing to win the RAW Women’s title. The Queen tore up Bliss’ doll Lilly, to the latter’s utter horror

Bliss bringing back the supernatural character has left many of her fans unhappy, though. Many fans heavily criticized the character, but the ‘Lilly doll’ was also doing quite well on WWE’s official shop.

Former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler certainly didn’t share fans’ sentiments about Bliss’ character. The latter briefly feuded with her before targeting Charlotte Flair last year.

Here’s what Baszler had to say about her storyline with Bliss:

“It’s funny – the Alexa stuff, if you look around that time on that episode of Raw, the next day it had 1.6 million views and the next-watched segment was, like, Drew [McIntyre] with 480,000. So, as much as you [certain fans] think you don’t like it, people clearly love it! And I just like doing that stuff because I get to show a different side with more layers. If all I am is this, there’s only so much you can do with that. You can’t tell those deeper stories if you don’t have depth to a character.”

It looks like WWE is not giving up on Sinister Bliss anytime soon. What do you think of her new look? Would you like to see her come out on WWE TV donning this look?

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